Friday, March 20, 2009


Woo Hoo! It's officially the weekend! I LOVE the weekend! I can now relate to the phrase "living for the weekend."

I said that I would try to post more during the week and I'm thinking that a Friday post will keep me honest. :)

This week we were on a mission to consolidate our insurance policies. It all started when Mike called his old insurance company to add the Civic to his policy ---- and they raised the monthly premium. I flipped. I got so angry. Come to find out...after shopping around and getting multiple quotes we were definitely getting ripped off. I feel much better knowing that we have shopped and are getting good rates now.

So, almost every time Mike and I are in the car, I can sing all the words to all the songs on almost all the radio stations. Mike joked -- is there any song you don't know the words to? A few weeks ago I was driving into work and I was turning the knob to find a new XM radio station and I was coming to a sudden stop so I stopped paying attention to the radio and more on the cars in front of me. It wasn't until a few minutes later that I started paying attention to what was on the radio. I had landed on XM 32 - The Message. It's a Christian station. I've never been big into the Christian Pop music but I really liked the songs that they were playing. It was nice to not know the words --- it made me listen. But anyways, I have found a favorite christian pop song. It's called "Wholly Yours" by David Crowder. I like the "B" version better (stands for Banjo) but I couldn't find that version on here it is in the "A" version. I like the play on words (Holy/Wholly) and I really like the music...listen for yourself.

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