Saturday, October 10, 2009

San Francisco Day 4

Day 4 consisted of renting a car to drive down the coast to Monterey. This was our first picture of the day...can you tell I'm super excited?

This was our sweet ride. :) We loved it. It was small but rest be assured that this car can scoot!

Our first adventure before finding our way to the coast was to drive down Lombard Street (the crookedest street in America). It was a total tourist trap, but it was fun. Too bad the picture doesn't show how crooked it really is.

Finally made it to the coast!
Pictures along the way...

This is Cannery Row in Monterey. We stopped and ate at The Fish Hopper. They were giving out samples of Clam Chowder and it was amazing. I would definitely recommend making a stop here if you're ever in the Monterey area.
We had planned on going into the Monterey Bay Aquarium but when we saw the price ($30 each); we changed our mind. So, we decided to hop back in the Mini Cooper and scoot on down to Carmel-by-the-Sea. Carmel-by-the-Sea was a wonderful little town. The houses were so cute and there were lots of little boutiques and shops to browse.
Recognize this golf course? Yep, that's Pebble Beach.
Hanging out on the beach.
The water was freezing!
Before turning in my most favorite car ever....we zipped into a small parking space so I could hop out and snap this picture. Unfornuately, John Stamos was not sitting out having a picnic. ;) But the skyline and the "Painted Ladies" were beautiful right at sunset.

Day 4 was a great day. :)

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