Monday, October 5, 2009

San Francisco Day 1

Well, there wasn't much to San Francisco Day 1 --- but here it is in a summary.

Upon arriving at SFO we hoped on BART (the San Fran Marta). The train doors opened and our jaws hit the floor. I wish someone had taken a picture of our expressions. We were totally speechless. The BART was full of youngsters (probably just getting into High School) that were wearing tutu's and bras. The train smelled of weed and vodka --- such a nice welcoming smell to San Francisco. A nice girl sitting behind me asked if we were going to 'love fest' to which I replied 'No, what's Love Fest?' "Oh, it's a big festival they have in the city. It's so much fun, you should definitely go." "Well, I don't think we're dressed for Love Fest, but I hope you have a great time!" I wish I had taken a picture but I'm pretty sure I might get in trouble for posting minors in such outfits on the Internet.

After we finally found our way to our hotel, we ventured out to a little Irish pub (Murphys) to watch the last quarter of the Georgia game. We were the only people in the bar watching the game. After we watched Georgia stop playing football we ventured out to Union Square and browsed the shops. We got back to our hotel around 6:45ish and we decided that it would probably be best to take a nap (we were exhausted and felt icky from the plane ride)...but that nap turned into a very long night of sleep. I think these were the only pictures we took.
Waiting for Marta

In Union Square

I'll post San Fran Day 2 pics tomorrow --- I'm a day behind. I'll blame it on jet lag. :)

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  1. I just caught up on your blog and I would just like to say that your hair DOES NOT, let me repeat, DOES NOT look bad!!! It is just going to take you a little while to get used to it...I think that the shorter length looks really good on you. Secondly, nice green sweater :)...I bet you were shopping with an awesome person when you bought that. Thirdly, I CANNOT wait to see you this weekend!! Last, but not least, Happy Anniversary (one day late) I hope you and Mike have a safe and wonderful trip!