Tuesday, October 6, 2009

San Francisco Day 2

I should have mentioned in my last post that I have been walking around with the ultimate tourist flag - a Frommer's San Francisco book. It has been the best thing for this trip, I LOVE this book. It's equipped with suggested places to eat, self guided walking tours, neat little shops down little ally ways and all kinds of secret things that we would have never found.

But anyways, on with our second day.....

Day 2 started out with breakfast and then a stop at Starbucks. Using our handy dandy Frommer's guide book, we did the self guided walking tour through Chinatown. It was very cool.
The entrance to Chinatown

Hey! We have the same hair cut! Can you find my Frommer's book?

One of the stops in our self guided walking tour was at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company. This little jewel was down a little alley way and had 3 little Chinese ladies sitting at conveyor belts, folding messages into warm cookies.

The nice Chinese man gave me a free fortune cookie. :) My fortune said "Treat yourself to a good book for a needed rest and escape."

After we completed our self guided tour, we hopped on a cable car, which was packed! Here we are hanging on for dear life on the back of the cable car.

Our next stop was Alcatraz. Mike took this picture from the ferry.

After Alcatraz we walked down to Pier 39. We heard a lot of racket at the end of the pier so we walked down to check it out and we found these stinky fellas. There were several hundred sea lions. Big ones, small ones, sleeping ones --- but they all stunk like the high heavens! Pew-wee!

Our next stop was Fisherman's Wharf. We had dinner at Scoma's and then took a cab back to our hotel and crashed.

It was a looong day. But a lot of fun!

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