Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Short on Time

Almost every morning I tell myself "Michelle - update your blog tonight" but it never seems to happen. So, I just thought I'd put it out there that I have been a terrible blogger...and I really want to get better.

There are a few things that deserve their own posts - but I can at least summarize them here, right?
  • I have made some progress with my 2010 goals. I already ran 1 5k. I've been trying to keep a log of how many miles I run each day and as of yesterday I have completed 77 miles this year. I can tell my body is becoming more conditioned because I can run further without walking and when I slow down - I am able to catch my breath must faster.
  • I have completed my first book of 2010 (only 8 more to go!). I read Same Kind of Different as Me. It was really good. It's such a good book that I already gave it to another friend to read. I hope she likes it just as much as I did. If you are interested in borrowing it, let me know! I'm happy to share! :) I'm still working on Praise Habit...but my next book will probably be So Long, Insecurities. Which leads me to my next point....
  • I am EXCITED to say that I have a ticket to see Beth Moore in April. I am very EXCITED about this. :) I am supposed to post an EXCITED picture but Mike told me I was acting I didn't get a good picture.
  • AND...yesterday I got a letter in the mail. Not just any letter. A letter from a little 8 year old boy. He told me what his favorite color was (blue). He told me his favorite things to do (play with little cars). He told me that his eye color (light brown). And he drew me a picture. If you guessed that the letter came from Yefri; you're right. It was by far the highlight of my day. I have displayed his drawing proudly on my fridge. :)

I guess those are the things that I've really wanted to blog about. Hopefully, I will get in a post on Sunday to document our Valentines Day adventure.

I've just been 'threatened' that I'm going to be left by myself downstairs...which I hate. So, I guess that's all for now.

Happy Wednesday!

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