Monday, February 22, 2010

Lent and Personal Record

This past Wednesday, we attended Mass. It was my first Ash Wednesday - which I guess is kind of weird...but just being honest, I never felt comfortable enough to go and part take in mass on that day. In the past years I have always 'participated' in Lent --- as in I would 'give up' something, but that was about it. I still ate meat on Friday's and I didn't pray any more than usual. But, this year I am really trying to follow the 'rules' a little more. I gave up using the elevator at work and listening to the Bert Show (it's a local morning show on the radio that I listen to EVERY day). So far, I haven't taken the elevator or listened to Q100 on my way in to work.

AND...for setting a personal record. This past Saturday we went to the park by our house to go for a run. I ran 6 miles in 65 minutes - which is a new personal record. I know it's not even half of my goal (half-marathon) but I feel like I'm making progress and I was very proud of myself! I'm hoping to run the Silver Comet 10K in a few weeks to get my official Peachtree Qualifer time. I'm hoping that my bruised ankle and cramped calf are all better by then. I've enjoyed the runs I've gotten outside and I'm really looking forward to the Missoula Half Marathon!!!!! Here's to hoping for more nice spring weather on the weekends!


  1. Good job on running! I soooooo wish I was a runner.

  2. Good for you with all your goals!! And way to go on the 6 miles!!!! You go girl!

    And yes, I made the cork board myself :0) I just took an old frame nad hot glued the corks on the board. I found the K at Michael's for $1 and glued it on top!!

    Happy Friday

  3. good luck staying away from q100....the bert show is definitely one of my guilty pleasures-ha! have a great weekend :)