Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gender Reveal

On Thanksgiving Day we did our big gender reveal to our family (parents and siblings). It was VERY hard for me to NOT tell anyone since we found out the day before Thanksgiving. It was less than 24 hours (22 to be exact) but it was probably the longest day ever. At least I kept myself busy preparing for Thanksgiving (which we hosted at our house this year).

I think I've recapped the nickname Turtle before now, but I'll do it again. Back at our very first appointment, after we received our first ultrasound pictures, we were sitting in the waiting area to be seen by the doctor and Mike and I were looking at the black and white squiggles. I made the comment "You know, a lot of people say it looks like a bean or a peanut...but I think ours looks like a Turtle." And so, the nickname Turtle stuck. It's kind of hard to see, but maybe you can make out the turtle shape too.
I had been thinking of ways to tell the family the gender of our baby almost immediately after we told them that we're expecting. I googled 'gender reveal' and 'revealing the sex of your baby' and probably everything remotely close to that under the sun for ideas. I didn't want to do the cake thing...where a bakery does the cake either pink or blue and everyone (including us) found out at the same time. But...I did really like the idea of a pink or blue cake. So, I came up with the idea of doing a cupcake a turtle! Perfect! Below is how the cupcake cake turned out.

So, on Thanksgiving Day everyone arrived around noon and we were all anxious to dig into the turtle cupcakes. All our family members were just staring at the cake and looking at the sides, trying to figure out what was under the brown and green icing. Everyone took a cupcake and they all peeled back the foil wrappers at the same time to find that it was PINK inside! I captured this fun reveal on our little point and shoot camera, so it's not great.

And please excuse my voice...I think I sound funny on video. I'll have to work on that because I'm sure I'll be posting tons of videos of Brooke and I'll be doing the crazy high pitched Mom voice to get her to blow bubbles and laugh.

I LOVE watching everyone's reactions. Every time I watch this clip it makes me smile. :)


  1. So cute! What a creative way to reveal the gender!

  2. I love it!!! Ive seen some other people do that too and it's such an awesome way to reveal. I can't wait until little Brooke arrives!