Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 - Recap

Well, tomorrow we leave and head off to good ol' Macon. We are spending our New Year's Eve with some great friends that live down there. With that being said, I most likely won't get to do a blog post so here it is (I'm pretty sure there is a way to schedule a post to publish at a date in the future, but I don't know how to do that).

I want to note a few things (mostly random) that happened in 2009 that I will most likely forget one day. I'm hoping that this will allow us to look back and see how our lives have changed.

January: Ringing in 2009 at Tommy's lake house. Attending various Gym Dog meets.

February: Valentine's Day at Wildfire. Started my blog!

March: I got glasses...a sign of aging. ugh. Long weekend in Asheville and saw the Jeff Dunham show.

April: Mike sold his car - one car payment gone. Woo Hoo!

May: Mauri's bachelorette party weekend in Florida. Mauri's wedding. Meredith's wedding. Visiting family in Florida. (May was by far our busiest month this year)

June: Mike/Jess's wedding. Recovering from all the traveling mentioned from May.

July: Peachtree Road Race. Got new furniture for our living room.

August: Nothing comes to mind except a lot of work. It was year end at my old job.

September: Georgia football. Started a new job.

October: Celebrated one year of marriage. Vacationed in San Francisco. Brittney's wedding.

November: Paid my car off - no more car payments for our house!

December: Tacky sweater Christmas party at Ashley's. Got a new TV for the living room. Natalie, Josh and Madalyn visiting for almost the whole month!

Cheers to 2009! It was a great year but I'm looking forward to 2010!

I'm planning to do another post for my 2010 goals...just to make them public. Because, lets face it, if I don't make them public then I will slack and another year will go by and I won't have accomplished anything.

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