Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Tree(s)

This year we have two trees, which is a first for us. We decided that we wanted a more 'formal' tree for our living room. It was less than 30 mins after making that decision we ended up walking out of Wal-mart with a buggy full of new ornaments, lights, angel and tree skirt. We love how it turned out.
I begged Mike for these little glittery birds. He finally gave in and said I could get four. So I quickly grabbed them before he changed his mind. I got two gold ones and two brown ones. They are my favorite part of our Christmas tree. Although, for some reason they tend to turn and face the middle of the that you can only see their feathery tails. When they do that they kind of look like squirels. :-/
I guess I should also mention that the day before we pulled out all of the Christmas decorations we had cleaned our house from top to bottom. I mean, it was spotless! The fans were cleaned. The blinds were cleaned. Everything was either windexed, dusted or thrown away. We even re-organized the hall closet. So when I started putting those lovely glittery gold sticks and glittery birds and glittery ornaments all over the tree, glitter was everywhere. I thought Mike was going to kill me. And...even though its been two whole weeks since this all went on, I still catch specks of glitter here and there.
This is our second tree. It's very Charlie Brown-ish. My Mom gave me this artifical tree when I was in college and it was perfect for an apartment. So, this year I decided that I would put the smaller tree in our foyer. I love it when you drive by houses and you can see Christmas trees in the windows or doors.

Since we got all new ornaments for the living room tree, all of our 'normal' ornaments are on the tree in the foyer. These ornamaents consist of hand-me-downs, gifts, and a few vacation ornaments. The San Francisco ornament is our newest addition. :)

I hope to snag a few smaller Christmas trees after Christmas. I really would like to get one for our Master bedroom next year...and maybe a tiny one to put in a bathroom...or maybe a kids room/nursery one day. :)


  1. love your treeees!!!!! and the birds!!!

  2. love the birds! i keep finding glitter everywhere, too....even on my baby after she's been playing in the living room....i can't get rid of all the glitter! ;0)

  3. love the birds! i got some little trees at hobby lobby after christmas last year for like 75% off!