Sunday, November 15, 2009

lazy day

I've been on a cooking kick here lately. The past month we have only eaten out once a week (as in Monday - Thursday Michelle was cooking). We have gotten into the routine of grocery shopping on Sundays. It's our thing. Every Sunday I pull out my cookbooks, magazines and search blogs for good recipes; then, we vote on the recipes I have selected.

Well, yesterday I came across a french toast casserole recipe. I thought it would be great to try it out for our Sunday breakfast. So, this morning we popped it into the oven but it ended up being a disaster. I used the wrong size pan so it didn't cook evenly. Bummer. Maybe I'll try it again another weekend and follow the directions.

After breakfast we sat down and re-evaluated our finances. Around noon Mike ended up having to leave to go play golf (he lives a hard life I tell you) and I plopped down in the chair and started watching tv. When Mike came back home he realized that I had not moved. I have not showered. I have not brushed my teeth. And, I am still in my pajamas. We are not going to Publix. Instead, we are eating popcorn for supper.

Everyone deserves to have a lazy day every once in a while, right?

I love my life. Life is so good. :)

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