Sunday, November 22, 2009

David Crowder

A few weeks ago I found out that The David Crowder Band was going to be in Atlanta on their Church Music tour. I was beyond excited. I asked Mike if he wanted to go with me so I didn't have to go by myself and it took him all of half a second to say "Nope, sorry. That's the Kentucky game." Hmph. Well, I thouhgt I'd be going solo; until I asked my Mom and Amanda if they wanted to go. They had never heard of David Crowder so I convinced them that it would be a great girls night out. We went. It was awesome!

Afterwards, I was determined to find a way to get a picture with David Crowder. So, we waited and waited and then we spotted a line forming. As soon as I saw everyone in the line putting stickers on, I knew exactly what was going on. You had to have a sticker to get to the exclusive meet and greet. We didn't have stickers. :( I thought for sure that if we just lingered at the back of the line that they would let us in, even without stickers.

Well, we waited. And waited. And we were turned away. They told us that the band had already left. But we didn't buy into their trick. By this point we had been waiting in the stairwell for over an hour.
My Mom and Amanda were delirious at this point. Please note that we were the only ones in this stairwell. I just knew that it was a lost cause. I was so bummed. And then! my crazy mother says "this is nuts. we've waited all this time and all you want is a picture. you WILL get a picture!" So, she opens the door (which had been unlocked this whole time) and she disappears. Amanda and I are thinking here it comes...we are about to get kicked out of church.

But guess what! It worked! I got to meet the band. I talked to them. I shook their hands. I told them that I loved their music. And then I got my picture! I don't think I've stopped smiling ever since. For the rest of the night I kept thinking "Oh my gosh! I can't believe I met David Crowder!" They were SO nice. I LOVE them!

After I skipped to the car saying "I can't believe I got a picture! I met David Crowder! I can't believe I got a picture! I met David Crowder!" we went to Felini's and pigged out on some pizza.

It was a very exciting day. I won't ever forget it. And...I have the best Mom ever. I can't believe she did that just so that I could get a picture with my favorite band.
I still can't believe I got a picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHH! :)

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  1. That is a great story. Your mom rocks!! I am so glad you had fun...And got a picture!