Friday, February 18, 2011

33 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 33 Weeks

Size of baby: Turtle is about the size of a pineapple. She weighs over 4 pounds and has passed the 17 inch mark. She's growing like a weed!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 28 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: All I wear now. Although this week I did break out one of my loose and flowy short sleeve shirts to wear to the probably was obvious that it didn't 'fit' because it wasn't loose and flowy anymore. It was tight! But, I don't have any short sleeve maternity shirts so I had to make do with what I have.

Gender: It's a GIRL! Brooke Henley Femiano!

Movement: I think she's awake more than she's asleep now because I feel her moving constantly. She moves in the morning when I'm getting ready for work, she moves all day while I'm at work (although I'm pretty sure she naps on and off) and then moves after dinner and when I'm going to bed. I hope she's an active and alert little thing, but I really hope this doesn't mean she's an insomniac!

Sleep: Its been a rough week of sleeping. I've officially reached the mark of where sleeping on my back makes me feel like I'm going to indicator that she's applying pressure on my vena cava (the main artery that runs along my back). So, I toss and turn trying to get comfortable and stay comfortable on my side(s). Its been tough because turning from side to side while laying down is really painful...its takes lots of breathing exercises for me to get settled and fall back asleep again.

What I miss: A good nights sleep and a nice margarita on the rocks with salt.

Cravings: I'm still eating cereal on a regular basis...we've upped our weekly milk purchase from a half gallon to a whole gallon thanks to me. We had grilled chicken for dinner one night this week and I couldn't stomach more than 4 or 5 bites. While I can force myself to eat it, it's just not appetizing to me at all. Although, a good cheeseburger and spaghetti are still my favorite meals.

Symptoms: I've mastered the 'waddle' and I've been having some CRAZY heartburn and indigestion. I woke up at 3am with spaghetti indigestion problems. I was awake for a good hour and a half before I propped myself up with lots of pillows and slept the rest of the night in the upright position (which made for a killer backache the next morning).

Best Moment this week: Talking with my girlfriends about child birth! I spent a good time on the phone with my friend Brittney who just gave birth to her son about a month ago. And I spent a few hours with my friend Rebecca (walking around the park) and just chatting about her birthing experience too. I really enjoy hearing different birth stories and hearing about how different each person's experience is. I also love to get their recommendations on baby products.

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