Sunday, July 18, 2010

Montana - Part 1

Last Friday we headed down to the Atlanta airport bright and early to catch our flight to Montana. We had been planning this trip since January so we were very excited that July was finally here. After sitting behind Grandpa poopy-pants the entire 4 stinky hours (some old man farted every 5 minutes...literally), we finally made it to Salt Lake City for a quick layover. Then it was onto a smaller plane which took us up to Kalispell.

I had the great idea to pack my running stuff in a carry on...that way if they lost our baggage I'd at least have my running gear for the half marathon. Well, Delta didn't seem to find it a priority to find a spot for my carry on and took it from us and made us check it. I just knew my running shoes were going to end up in Honolulu (which is where that plane was headed after Salt Lake City). Sure enough, when we got to Kalispell my carry on bag was no where to be found....I was in a slight panic. All I could think about was the horrible blisters I was going to have from buying new running shoes. As it would turn out, my carry on made it on the next flight from Salt Lake to Kalispell. All that worrying for nothing....

Anyways, Friday afternoon we picked up lunch from Quickee's, a delicious little sandwich shop in Whitefish. After lunch Natalie showed us around her cute little town and then we headed up to Big Mountain where we went on the lifts to the top of the mountain. I guess I should mention that I typically am not afraid of heights...although being on that ski lift made me VERY nervous. At one point Mike raised the bar about 1/2 an inch and I couldn't think straight I was so scared. I think I might have cried a tear or two. Of course, he laughed at me and I made him promise not to tell anyone. After that I had the death grip to the bar, just in case my oh so funny husband was shooting for another good laugh. Once we got to the top we stood in awe of the beauty. It was just beautiful.

Saturday morning we all piled into the car and headed down to Missoula. It was a 3 hour car ride but we were in good company AND the scenary was just beautiful as well. We got out to take pictures a few times.

Once we got to Missoula, we checked into our hotel and then ventured over to the expo to pick up our race numbers. It was a disaster. The line to get it clogged and they ran out of women's half marathon shirts. I had to sign up for them to send me my shirt via mail...I hope I get it.

Part 2 - coming soon.


  1. Hoping you don't mention what I forgot for race day in Montana part II! So glad to hear you blog on your trip out West, can't wait for your next one:)

  2. Gorgeous photos!!! I've been missing your post!! Glad your back!

  3. Gorgeous photos! And, that was good company you had on your 3 hour drive - what a cutie pie!!!

    Can't wait to see you next week!