Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm alive!

I guess it's time to update the ol' bloggity blog...I've had several here it is.

Last time I posted I announced that we got a new camera. I have had lots of fun snapping pictures and capturing birthdays, Amanda's graduation, of random thing in our house and our petunias. More on the petunias in a bit. One of the reasons it's been almost two months is because my personal netbook is having issues connecting to the Internet at home (so I'm borrowing sweet Mike's work computer to do this post)...therefore, I don't have any pictures for this long boring update.

Lets see....Mike's birthday came and went - he got a new putter, new snazzy golf shoes and a new golf bag. He looks like a hip new golfer. :) Mike and I celebrated him ringing in the 2-8 by having a yummy dinner at Maggianos.

Mom's birthday came and went - won't disclose her age because I'm afraid of death threats...but none the less we had a great dinner at a little place that I can't remember the name of. :) Good times.

My birthday came and went - I got a camera - we've already discussed this. Mike took me on a date to Wildfire for my birthday dinner. It was of my favorite places to eat!

Mike went on a fishing trip with his Dad to Fort Myers. I was planning on going to to Panama City but I found out the week of that the condo was already being I stayed home and relaxed. I met up with two lovely ladies, Rebecca and Zoe and we had pizza and then strolled at the outdoor mall.

My sister, Amanda, graduated high school. Lots of rednecks had fog horns...we did not. After graduation we went down to the boat and had burgers and just enjoyed each other's company. Mike and I gave Amanda a book call "My Naked Roomate" --- it's lots of stories/tips about going to college. I saw it in the bookstore and started flipping through it and realized that I wished I had read a book like that before I went off to college. Lord knows, I was in for a RUDE awakening. There's enough stories there for a year's worth of blog posts.

Memorial Day rolled around and we spent the weekend just hanging out around the house. We went and looked at cars for Mike - which ended up being a great tease.

June 2nd came around and we decided that we would in fact go buy that awesome car that we both fell in love with. Mike drove his brand new 2010 Infiniti G37 off the lot looking like he ate a hanger. He still LOVES that car. It is pretty awesome.

Father's Day weekend, Mike played in a golf tournament with my Dad. They won their flight and went into the shoot out (aka the playoff's). They did great and ended up getting beat in a chip off. :( Overall, they did great!

For Father's Day - I spent the day with my Dad. We went for a walk in the morning, ate lunch at the club and then went to the pool for a few hours. Surprisingly I did NOT get sunburned - although I think I might have a slight allergic reaction to the sunscreen because my legs have been itching non stop since I put that lotion on them. We finished Dad's day off with Mexican.

And now that brings us to this weekend. We had a pretty lazy weekend and it has been great. Yesterday, we went to chic-fil-a and then went and played at Lowes. And as for today...I may or may not have waited until 4:30 today to take a shower and brush my teeth. And, I may or may not have ate chips for breakfast.

As for a running update...I don't have much to say because I've been a little bit of a frady cat. Several weeks ago, I started reading up on why my knees were so achy after my runs...I self diagnosed myself via that I was having some issues with my IT bands. Its cause from not stretching enough, upping mileage too fast, or just over-running. It can cause some serious runner I backed off....and during that time I've sort of lost my running mojo. My longest run was 10 miles. I've been trying to keep moving during the week on the treadmill since it's been hot like the Sahara here. I thought about running early in the morning before work but I can't seem to plant my feet on the floor before 6am....even with fervent prayers for God to intervene. I've decided that I started training for this half marathon entirely too early. I got burned out before my race got here and now I'm just praying that I don't injure myself within the next two weeks.

Next weekend is the Peachtree Road Race --- which speaking of that came in the mail this past week...this year was the first year that I actually got assigned a time group/wave based on a previous race. And, the weekend after next I'm off to beautiful Montana. I've been chatting with Natalie on a regular basis and I think we're both in the same mind set....excited and maybe a little nervous. I am just so happy that we are going to accomplish this goal together.

And I think that's it. Hopefully, we'll figure out what's wrong with my netbook and I'll have some pictures next time.


  1. Hey-Same thing happened with Austin's knees. His went out when he hit the 13 mile run...

    He rested them for awhile and then we ran a 5k back in May and he could barely walk afterwards due to the knee pain...I don't know what is going on...but I feel so bad for him! Definately take it easy on the knees.

    Be careful and good luck!

  2. DANG! July has gotten here SO FAST!!! I'm excited about your trip...I can't wait to hear all about it! Miss you and I hope we can hook up soon...Maybe one Saturday since it doesn't look like our Wednesday's are lining up...


  3. Its about time for an update! Come to Suwanee park next time I take Lauren! My folks live in Buford and I graduated from North Gwinnett HS!

  4. Oh Michelle, we're going to rock this race:) Get your spiffy new running fleece ready, 6 AM might be a little chilly....probably won't even be 70 by the time we finish. I'm so happy you're coming to visit after 7...almost 8 long years of living in this beautiful state, you're finally coming to see me. Can't wait! ~ Natalie