Monday, April 12, 2010

Unexpected Attack!

I have a blackberry. Every time I send or receive an email - it comes to my blackberry. Sometimes, its nice and other times, not so nice. This afternoon - around 5pm my phone lit up with 80 emails. All 80 of these emails were a copy of a sent email being sent from my email account. Not only was someone/something sending emails to EVERY person I have EVER emailed...they were sorely inappropriate emails. Things regarding erectile dysfunction, sex positions, and all kinds of embarrassing things. GRREEEEEEAT.

If you know me - then you know that this is absolutely NOT anything that I would ever do. Therefore, I am completely embarrassed by the fact that my family and friends got these crazy and offensive emails from me. So...if you received one of those emails....please delete it and don't click on any of the links.

Fortunately, I was aware of what was happening almost immediately because my phone notified me - however, if I didn't have this I probably never would have known. So, I guess the annoying flashing red light on the blackberry was a good thing today at 5pm. I also quickly learned that a friend had the same exact thing happen to her around the same time today. So...if you have a gmail account you might want to check the sent box just to make sure you weren't a victim too.

Until next time - I'll be changing every.single.password to everything.


  1. I just messaged you.

    I got the link.. clicked it. Figured it was Tiger Woods related LOL.

    I hope mine doesnt send-- what should I do.

    No worries girl.. we all know it wasnt you!

  2. OH NO! I didn't get your attacker email. This happened to me too in September. I don't understand what joy people get out of hacking into someones email and sending random things! Get a LIFE!