Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Blog

Well, here I am. I spent way too much time trying to get my blog layout the way I want it; and I'm still not 100% sure that I like it. Oh well, it'll have to do for now. I have red eyes (and I'm not wearing my new glasses like I should be) and I'm tried of hearing Mike play his "idiot-box".

While I was searching through my pictures trying to find a good profile picture I spent some time looking back on our honeymoon pictures. It was the most amazing trip I've ever been on. We went to Venice, Florence, and then Rome. 11 days of pure bliss. I wish I were there now.

On the way to the Airport



While in Florence, we took a day trip to the Chianti region to do some wine tasting. After we took a tour of the vineyard and the wine cellars we were lead into the wine tasting room. There were four other couples that sat at our table. - ironically, all were from the states. One of the couples asked us "So, how long have you guys been married?" to which I replied, "One week." :) Everyone was so excited to have the newlywed couple at their table. Each couple went around the table and told us how long they had been married -- one couple was there celebrating their 55th anniversary!

Rome (The Spanish Steps)

Rome (The Colosseum)

Rome (Trevi Fountain)

The little orange stickers on our shirts mean that we speak English (they were from a tour from the Colesseum - they seperate you based on the color of your sticker). Ha!

I'll try to post more pictures later - Mike just turned the lights out on me.

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  1. Umm Mike turned out the lights on you at 7:32 pm?! Mike, you party animal! Haha! Loving the blog so far!!!