Monday, October 22, 2012

Life happens

Its been on my heart a lot lately to start blogging again - strictly for myself. I blogged for myself in the beginning, then I blogged about being pregnant, then about Brooke. And, then life happened and I ran out of time to sit down and write. Wait - that's a lie. I ran out of time after I did all the other things that I wanted to do.

Earlier this year I made a "Growing Brooke" book from my blog. It's something I'm really proud of and I spent a lot of time on it, but it will probably get shoved in drawer or closet and no one will look at it. But, I did it for Brooke. And, partially for me. We aren't sure what the future of our family looks like - whether we will or will not have another baby - but I wanted to make sure that that's a time that I never ever ever forget.

During Brooke's first year, I tried my best to keep milestones and monthly posts/pictures up to date. I've got those most of those posts drafted but they never got through the 'final editing' phase to make it to be published. But, at least I have the big stuff there...because we all know without it, I would have forgotten all those small important things.

And, at the beginning of this year, I committed myself to taking a picture of Brooke every day - project 365.  I've really surprised myself and done a pretty good job of keeping up with that. I wonder how long it will take me to actually translate all those pictures into a book?

I guess, now I'm to the point where I'm finally accepting just how fast life is happening. And I want to soak in every single minute of every single day. I feel silly saying this and I don't want to sound boastful - but my life is just so incredibly amazing. I get all emotional just thinking about it. I think it's just from the overwhelming amount of love I have.

Life is happening and I feel like I'm missing out on documenting these sweet times with my family. I've found myself being 100% in the moment and thinking, "I need to blog about this. I don't want to forget THIS moment." And then life happens. We get home, dinners are done, Brooke is bathed and put to bed, and I do selfish things like read other blogs, tweet with 'strangers' and stalk people from my past on facebook. Its stupid and I hate that I've missed all these days.

Here's to acknowledging what I want to do - and hoping that I stick with it.

"We are as lucky as we can have such a wonderful family!"

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