Saturday, August 22, 2009

Super Saturday

This morning I went to a bridal shower for a good friend of mine from work. I had so much fun! Since we work together I've always heard about her friends and so now it's nice to have actually meet them.

Tonight Mike is having a "guys night" with a few fellas from work...something about watching a race and he had to pick up potato salad. I decided it was the perfect time for me to do absolutely nothing. I took a nap and woke up with my mouth wide open (hello, cotton mouth) I guess that means that it was a good nap? :)

I also took advantage of this time to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic...because Mike would never agree to watch that movie. Speaking of movies...I really want to see Julie and Julia. In fact, before Mike left I told him that and then I did my Meryl Steep impression of "I'm Julia Childs" (like from the previews) to which he replied,"It's Child" and shook his head.

I have so many embarrassing moments like this....and I always make Mike swear not to tell anyone. So far, he has held up his end of the deal (as far as I know). I'll share another one, but you must promise not to make fun of me to my face. Ha! Mike and I decided to go to Publix to pick up a few sandwiches for dinner one night...I had just taken a quick shower and put on something quick and comfy (pink running swishy shorts and a t-shirt). As we are standing at the sandwich counter waiting for the lady to make our sandwiches, Mike starts making fun of my shorts --- they were very bright, think highlighter pink. The lady doesn't say much but I know she's listening because she starts looking at my shorts. I immediately want to hide. Anyways, as the lady is finishing Mike's sandwich he comments "look at how healthy that is! all those veggies!" to which I respond "healthy? it's full of tomatoes and pickles --- how is that full of veggies?" Mike looks at me with his eyebrows raised and said "Michelle, do you know what pickles are?" and I respond 100% sure of my answer "Yes, of course! It's okra!" but then I immediately realize what I just said and know that it's clearly not the correct answer because Mike is laughig so hard I think he might pee his pants. The Publix sandwich lady also gave me a glance over the counter with a smirk on her face. "Whoops! I meant to say cucumbers...not okra. Clearly pickles are NOT okra...they are cucumbers!" My face was bright red..probably matched the color of my highlighter pink shorts. Just as I have stopped laughing at myself, we thank the lady for our sandwiches, she replies "You're welcome, enjoy your shorts." I.was.mortified.

There are tons of stories like these...I hope I get the courage to actually document them as they happen, because, lets face it we don't always remember the ridiculous things we say in life.

On another note, our living room furniture was delivered but I haven't gotten a chance to take the after pictures --- we're going to pick up the run we ordered tomorrow, so I'll try to post the before and after pictures once we have the run down.

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