Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Recap

At 4:00 AM our alarm clock went off. Now, you may ask why on earth would anyone wake up at 4:00 AM on the 4th of July....we were on our way to meet up with these folks:

55,000 runners and thousands of supportive volunteers and onlookers all there to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the World's Largest 10K. It was a sea of people flooding down Peachtree Street.

We volunteered at the Start Line of the Peachtree Road Race and then prayed to God that I could make it down the 6.2 mile course to the Finish Line at Piedmont Park. This was my 5th year doing the Peachtree Road Race and this year was also my slowest year. Now, I won't embarrass myself by publishing my time, but if you're dying to know you can look it up at the Atlanta Track Club's website.

Here we are with posing proudly with our trophy t-shirts.

Yes, I know I look like crap. Don't judge me. We stopped by Waffle House on our way home to use our "I got my t-shirt, now give me a free waffle" coupons for finishing the race. At this point I was still smiling...later in the day...notsomuch. After a day of hobbling around like a 90 year old lady, I'm back to my old self. Thank God.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We definitely did!

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  1. you guys are nuts. good for you. congratulations ... I'd still be downtown somewhere making my way for the finish line...